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The AGA Furnace Heat Exchange Leakage Test has been the standard for over 20 years.  Although the eyeball-test, the water-dowsing-test, and the too-old-to-last-test have also been around for a long time, the AGA supports the Methane Tracer Gas Test as the best way to be safe and be sure.

Choose The Heat Guy to perform the Methane Tracer Gas Test: if you have a crack and need a new furnace, we won't do a patch job to save time;  if you don't need a new furnace, you can trust The Heat Guy to recommend the best service to keep your furnace running.

AGA Fact Sheet regarding the Methane Tracer Gas Test.

If you need a new furnace, save energy by choosing more efficient units and save money with rebates and tax credits.

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